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Frequently Asked Questions
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ABB Ability Marketplace™
What is ABB Ability Marketplace™?
How does the ABB Ability Marketplace™ benefit me?
Can I use ABB Ability Marketplace™ in my native language?
Account management
Why should I create an account?
How can I create an account?
What do I have to do to activate my account?
I don’t want to provide any company details.
How long should I wait for my account to be verified?
I created an account but cannot log-in.
Purchase process
How does the purchasing process looks like?
How long I have to wait for product?
Where can I find all of my purchased solutions?
What payment methods are available?
I would like to try application before purchasing
ABB Ability Marketplace™ solution types
Performance optimization
Energy optimization
Alarm management
Cyber security
Asset health
Life cycle assessment
Condition monitoring
Remote assistance
Control system
Data collection
Predictive maintenance
Collaborative operations
Simulation / Virtual commissioning
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