ABB Ability™ Energy Manager
ABB Ability™ Energy Manager
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ABB Ability™ Energy Manager
Energy efficiency has become essential to running cost-efficient operations. ABB Ability™ Energy Manager provides real-time understanding of your energy consumption and identifies areas of improvement. And it’s scalable, from a single site to a multi-facility system with hundreds of users.
Speed up your projects

- Increase the facility's value by 5%

- Reduce investment in supervision systems by 15%

- Achieve compliance or higher class of energy efficiency standards

- Faster payback

Easy to install

- Connect to the cloud in only 10 minutes

- Upgrade in 1 day the existing installation

- Upgrade with ZERO component replacement an existing installation

Energy efficiency

- Save up to 30% operational costs

- Save up to 20% on energy bill

- Get proactive alerts and guarantee operations in 1 minute

- Remove energy inefficiency by up to 10%

Energy Monitoring
Visualize your plant data with pre-configured and customizable dashboards and share with your team
Energy Reporting
Get scheduled Excel and PDF reports with relevant site information
Automatize your alerts to receive immediately a feedback via email or SMS on the status of your Site
Cost management
Check your energy consumption, customize your cost plan and visualize the relative impact on your energy bill
Energy audit
Keep under control your consumptions, enhance your efficiency and monitor your Energy Performance Indicators
Monitor water, gas, heating and power consumption from one dashboard
Asset health (only for ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager Bundle)
Get the overall view of assets by health condition, order from poor to good condition, dive into the diagnostic and prognostic information
Predictive maintenance (only for ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager Bundle)
Plan maintenance based on suggestions generated by predictive analytics, as easy to understand actionable insights.
Health Events and notifications (only for ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager Bundle)
Track alarms and events in your site and set notifications to the responsible personnel, in order to quickly react and troubleshoot any issue.
Service activities (only for ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager Bundle)
Schedule and track maintenance activities on assets to have full visibility on asset life and performances.
Asset management (only for ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager Bundle)
Get full visibility of the installed base, from real time data to historical trends, from health analysis to future predictive insights, from documentation to device information, from events to past maintenance activities.
Site Health and Maintenance Reporting (only for ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager Bundle)
Generate and schedule reports about site and assets conditions and performances.


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