ZX0.2 Digital
A digital concept for medium-voltage switchgear.
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ABB Ability™ GIS for MV - ZX
The ZX0.2 Digital relies on well-proven ZX0.2 switchgear (up to 36kV, up to 2500A, up to 31.5kA), state-of-the art sensor technology for current and voltage measurement, advanced digital communication technology according to IEC 61850, and ABB Ability software solutions, like relays Backup Management.
Safe and Reliable
Additional safety thanks to continuously supervised and redundant communication. No aging effect thanks to fewer insulating components. No fuse required for sensors because of low-level signals. No unsafe situations arise because of possible failures in instrument transformers.
Simple and Efficient
All ratings are covered by just one current sensor variant and one main voltage sensor variant, cable testing without removing voltage sensors: sensors sustain cable testing voltages. Lower energy consumption by up to 250 MWh representing savings of up to 42,500 EUR.
Flexible and Intelligent
Superior flexibility towards grid disturbances and varying load flows thanks to linear sensor characteristic. Late customization and changes possible without any replacement of sensors. Interoperability thanks to native support of IEC 61850.
Interlockings via GOOSE
Interlockings via GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events) according to IEC 61850-8-1.
Sharing of SMV
Sharing of SMV (Sampled Measured Values) via process bus according to IEC 61850-9-2
Current Measurement
Current measurement via rogowski coil.
Voltage Measurement
Voltage measurement via resistive divider.


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