Digital System Upgrade (i.e. MNS INSUM)
Upgrade your INSUM system to the next level of intelligence
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INSUM 1 System Upgrade
​Upgrade of obsolete electronic components, upgrade of conventional components to prepare LV switchgear connectivity to IoT (including ABB Ability).
Economical Solution to increase Switchgear Lifetime
No plant shutdown required
No Replacement of Cable Replacement or Re-wiring
Reducing installation time and eliminates possible failure during installation.
MNS Modules are equipped with latest intelligent Components
Switchgear module can be preassembled and simply be replaced at site almost being plug & play,
Communication Gateway
Upgrade of the communication gateway to the latest generation of gateway technology, ready for today and future applications. Communication protocol includes the INSUM 1 protocol based on Modbus RTU that is unchanged to the initial communication and enables an easy replacement without changes in the control system. In addition, standard protocols such as Profibus and Modbus TCP are available to enhance information provided to operation and maintenance.
User Interface
The INSUM 1 upgrade utilizes simple web browser and touch screen technology to inform the operator on the current status and condition on all functional units. This user interface can be installed at a central location at the switchgear level for easy access to all units.
Motor Control and Protection
Based on latest motor control and protection devices from ABB, the INSUM 1 motor protection relay is upgraded to the latest technology. In addition to the minimum control and protection features provided by the INSUM 1 system, the upgrade offers additional functions to enhance and ensure your motor continues to operate with early detection of possible failures.
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