All-in-one User interface, automation platform, and gateway
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ABB Ability™ Distribution Controller for Grids
The COM600F is a versatile substation automation, feeder automation and data management unit for ANSI users. It performs the combined role of a user interface, a communication gateway, an automation platform to facilitate enhanced feeder automation solutions, like Fault Detection and Isolation (FDIR).
Full-Function SCADA Capabilities
Capabilities for small utilities including alarms, events recording, and historical data collection.
Better Value for Investments
Better value through substation device integration based on native IEC 61850 or most other commonly used communication standards and legacy protocols.
Enables the purchase of only the required features; additional functions can be added.
User Level and operational Security
Ensures operational reliability.
Two Mounting Styles Available
Subplate mount for switchgear applications and 19 inch rack mount for substation control house installation
Web-Browser-Based Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
For access to substation devices and processes with disturbance file handling, historian, and IEC 61850 traffic monitoring capability.
Seamless Connectivity
Seamless connectivity between substation devices and external higher-level systems like control centers or DCS using IEC 60870-5, DNP3, Modbus, or OPC-based protocols.
Facilitates the Development of Customized Substation Automation Tasks
Facilitates the development of customized substation automation tasks based on IEC 61131-3
Compact and Robust Design
Ruggedized mechanics with no moving parts, well adapted for harsh environments
Faster Project Execution
Faster project execution enabled by preinstalled software and offline configuration through another computer
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