VD4 Digitup
Circuit Breaker Upgrade for MV
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ABB Ability™ Circuit Breaker Upgrade for MV
VD4 Digitup combines the latest medium voltage circuit-breaker with state-of-the art sensor technology for current and voltage measurement, digital Relion® protection relays, advanced digital communication technology according to IEC 61850, and ABB Ability software solutions, like relays Backup Management.
Permanent Supervision
Of all analog and digital data on the process bus enables optimized maintenance and fast actions in case of failures.
EC 61850 Standard Compliance
Enables efficient system upgrade in the future.
Asset Management is Ensured
Second-by-second analysis of circuit breakers performance.
Reduction of Electrical Shock Risk
Copper wires are substituted by fiber optic cables.
Consumption and Dissipation Reductions
Supports energy efficiency programs.
Modernize Existing Panels
Regardless of the age, design and brand, panel can be completely upgraded to become ABB digital compliant.
Easy Implemention
VD4 Digitup allows a quick and easy implemention into a truly digital switchgear also when the panel designs are not set for the application.
VD4 Digitup is a Core Enabler
VD4 Digitup is a core enabler to increase flexibility, efficiency, safety, productivity and reliability for plant operators and to lower cost of operation.
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