Evaluate the condition and assess the reliability of your assets
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ABB Ability™ Life Cycle Assessment for Electrical Systems
MySiteCondition helps to evaluate the condition and assess the reliability of your electrical network equipment in order to mitigate asset risks. Knowing and improving the condition of the equipment is a key factor in reducing the likelihood of failure, damage and injury and offers the possibility to move from time based to a reliability centered maintenance methodology.
Condition Status
Objective up-to-date overview about the substation and single component condition.
Risk Reduction
Knowledge about risk reduction opportunities as well as recommended mitigation actions.
Budget Allocation
Operational budget only used where asset reliability or safety might be endangered in the future
Detailed Reporting
The outcomes of the assessment are detailed reports and illustrations which explain and visualize the actual status of the overall plant condition and each asset, how performance and safety can be improved, availability increased, and service needs can be prioritized.
Associated Maintenance Strategy
Condition and predictive based are the most effective maintenance strategies which can be applied at reasonable cost to installed assets. identification of increased future risk and the mitigating effect of various intervention strategies is mandatory information for a safe and reliable operation.
Scorecard of Services for Risk Mitigation
ABB performs service activities according to the outcome of the MySiteCondition assessment and based on customer need.
The Process
Optimal allocation of budget (maintenance, retrofit or replacement) to reduce risk and consequence of failure.
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