MNS® Digital
Gives you access to data from across your operations - opening new possibilities.

ABB Ability™ LV switchgear - MNS® Digital
ABB Ability™ LV switchgear - MNS® Digital makes you ready for Industry 4.0, opening up new possibilities in intelligent devices, IoT and cloud technology. It gathers critical process data and with the integrated ABB Ability™ condition monitoring for electrical systems, it tells you what’s going on across your operations. In other words, because it sees everything, you see everything.
Continuous operation
MNS Digital avoids unplanned outage and let you conduct maintenance where and when necessary.
Efficient maintenance
Thanks to the shift from planned maintenance to a condition based one, it reduces reactive maintenance costs. It allows to plan ahead with condition reports.
Easy to connect
Thanks to the connection to DCS or ABB Ability™ platform, it's easier to access your data.
Scalable, modular and flexible
MND Digital has front or rear access, use of fixed, plug-in or withdrawable technology.
Easily set up and upgrade your equipment to meet your exact requirements with MNS Digital’s modular platform.
Critical process data from across your operations is always available to you in the cloud.
With insights from the data, make necessary adjustments to maximize the performance of your equipment.
Increase efficiency and reduce costs across your operations.
MNS Digital incorporates intelligent devices with a data interface. MNS Digital smart device family provide the hardware backbone to collect data and make them available. Once connected to the ABB Ability™ platform, MNS Digital and the on-premise ABB Ability Condition monitoring makes data available in the cloud. The ABB Ability dashboard provides you with real time data display, alarm and event display, trending and condition monitoring. The connection to ABB Ability will make predictive maintenance a reality. It supports determining future conditions and gathering data from additional sources (including data beyond electrical values) so that condition becomes predictive.
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